Different Types of Counseling to Look At

When do couples seek for marriage counseling? It is usually done when there is communication problem, sexual dissatisfaction or existence of infidelity in one of the partners.

Couples seek for such counseling when they do not want to ruin the relationship and decides to give it another shot making amends and try to come back together and live under the same roof.

Marriage counseling have been in existence since the 1930’s and even now more people are studying this subject because of its raising demand. The counselor is a third party who doesn’t take any side between the two, but only provide advice and ideas unbiased to the couple to work on their relationship.

There are various types of relationship counseling and this article will provide you with all of them. First there is the Gottman model developed by John Gottman who noticed that there are certain factors which break up a marriage among which it includes, criticizing each other based on their weakness, condescending attitude if one partner is financially as well as physically more attractive than the other and lack of communication cause the fights between the couple.

This model helps couples to override these common mistakes and teaches various ways to respond to anger. Secondly there is the emotionally focused therapy which teaches couples to develop their communication and create frequent attachment between the two. If there is enough physical interactions between the two, the disagreements and fights fall drastically bringing them closer.

Thirdly there is pastoral counseling which involves the presence of holy men who provide therapy by the help of religion they follow. Religion works with some people but it does not work for everyone. Finally there is the internal family system therapy which help people to heal through trauma and find balance in their daily lifestyle. Some people are born with certain personality which they can not harness and it is better for us to accept those differences and learn to move on together in harmony.

Methods for Providing Some Counseling

Conflicts are inevitable in relationships. Relationships are built upon love, respect, compassion as well as conflicts.

Why Does the Counseling Matter?

To ourselves, we are the main character of this never ending story called life, however there are 7 billion different individual character of the same story.

Our perception can differ, but the difference must not cause conflicts among ourselves especially with the person we chose to be with forever in the first place.

We must find ways to solve the problems instead of aggravating the situation. You can choose from the following according to your needs.

The Meister technique which is done by increasing affection between the partners. This technique will bring out the innermost cause for conflict and also help each other to understand their anxiety, stress and other factors.

Being grateful towards each other even for small things will greatly enhance the fondness as well as admiration between the two. The Narrative method is another method which will let you narrate your problems and portray those from different angles.

This broadens your perception as you will be able to view the problem culturally, socially and politically. Next is the Emotionally Focused therapy which is used if depression is the main cause of disharmony.